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The screaming did not die down, which is what Judas wanted. The louder the screaming, the more it fed the Gods, but it also showed him where they were. The screaming amplified the auras that surrounded the soldiers. He could pin point individuals through that.

Grabbing the pauldron of the marine next to him, he shoved him forwards with a violent yank. “Get to the second loading dock. You will find another team of us and 7 Night Watch members. Hurry!” Judas yelled over the sound of clanking boots on the steel flooring. Clicking the vox link open he looked around and began to speak, “Sergeant Kornah, what is your report?”
Static came as a reply. Judas shook his head as he closed his eyes in concentration. He spread his mind’s eye out in an instant while he gathered the warp’s energies. It was harder now that he was out of the Eye, but he had trained for this for hundreds of years. Searching for his sergeant’s aura, the noise of gunfire spilled out from the loading dock in front of him. As he began to tune the noise out, he finally sensed Kornah’s aura faint in the command deck. In a blink of an eye, Judas took off running down the corridor towards the command deck.

Judas’ vox began to spark to life as he heard the sudden reports flooding his helmet. “My Lord, the shuttle that we sent planet side has come under enemy fire. We heard some distress in the last box transmission, but it’s been silence since. What are your orders?”

“Let’s take care of the problem on our ship first. I would much rather risk a handful of men then the entire ship. Continue efforts to reconnect communication, but if it is still silent then focus your resources on the enemy vessel.” Came the reply of the stern Lord of the Angel of Darkness. His head began to ache with the influx of thoughts running through his head. The warp energies felt as though they were drifting away. This cannot be. He pleaded with himself.

He soon came upon the team he had ordered forward with the others. They were still in the passageway. They never got the chance to get to the loading dock. The closest to Judas was sprawled against the steel wall that lined the passageway. He died in effort to put his exposed intestines back into the gaping hole in his ceremite armor’s midsection. The others with huge plasma burns that took off the soldier’s masks and sheared away their faces.

This was no mere Night Watchman. I must meet this creature that did this. Judas thought with an evil grin showing his sharpened teeth. With that, he sprang forward into the docking bay. The sound of bolter fire and chain weapons still loud in the bay, Judas came to his closest brother and jumped to the side of him and the enemy he was fighting. The Night Watch member glanced at him for a split second, which is all the time his brother needed to bring the chainsword down between the Astarte’s helm and pauldron. Blood sprayed from the soldier’s shoulder with immense pressure.

Judas readied his crozius in front of him and ran to the next Night Watch member and brought it down on him like a meteor falling upon a planet, ready to destroy it. Judas blinked and his heavy blow was stopped by huge sword radiating with lightning. He regained his composure and withdrew his strike. Looking to his new opponent, he grinned again.

“So, you are the one who freed the souls of my men in the passage, yes?” Judas said with a hint of arrogance in his voice. He glances at the warrior’s plasma pistol in his left hand and the power sword in his right, held to his waist.

“I am. I assume you are the commander here?” The huge Astartes asked. His terminator armor gleaming in the little light there was in the bay. Blood spatter and gore covered his chest plate. His dark tabard ripped from the top, and the waist is all that remained. “What is your name, traitor?”

Sorry for the smaller update, I have been quite busy today. I will make up for it with tomorrow's update! :D

I hope you guys enjoy, and as always, constructive criticism is welcome!


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