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Originally Posted by Myen'Tal View Post
Good update, Treesnifer, I like your portrayal of the eldar. An elite force capable of hitting hard and mercilessly. So just to clarify, this update focuses on Imperial Guard? Also, there was one sentence that confused me, something about Abelard moving around boulders flying into the air by artillery barrages. But then I looked again and see you must have fixed it, because I cannot seem to find it
Yep. A failed combined operation against the Eldar. And the rocks will settle to the earth as Abelard matures from a raw recruit into a guardsman. Of course, these are the opening moves of this battle and the war is far from won. At this point in history, there are no more Homeworlds, Hive Fleet Behemoth was defeated, and the remaining squat military units have been absorbed into the main body of the I.G. A vassal race just like rest of the abhumans that fill in the niches in the forces of the Emperor, autonomous allies no longer.

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