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Okay, another post for you all, though it is pretty much a battle report though. So my apologies. I'll probably put this in BR section too as I hopefully dabble more into that side of things.

My first game with the Cult Mechanicus, I avoided formations and such since I just want to try units as they are and get to grips with the army before I eventually move onto the formations and eventually the War Covocation and Cohort Cybernetica. I took what's in the photo, a basic combat Castelan squad with Fists and Flamers, a ranged Castelan squad with Phosphor out the yazoo, 5 man Electro Priests - the ones without the ranged weapon -, Grav Destroyers, 2 Arc Rifle and 1 Torision Breachers, Dominus.

Was up against Tyrannids, 1250 pts, he took a Flyrant, Swarmlord, The MC that can grab things, Hive Guard, Tyrant Guard and an assortment of Hormagaunts and Termagaunts.

This is the board, I really liked it, terrain seemed nice and even, it ended up being The Relic with it sitting in the middle of the destroyed circular ruins.

I got to deploy first, now I have a somewhat rather bad habit of if I deploy first, i spread out in a line. My line was stretched so far you can't even see my Destroyers on the right. Because of how I deployed, my opponent looked at either side, one side having Grav, the other having Phosphor, so deployed as far away from my Destroyers as possible.

First turn, I stupidly, stupidly let him go first. He moved up ran a few things, and took some pot shots that did nothing and got Hormagaunts onto the Relic. I activated my Canticle that allowed shooting rerolls, I moved my Destroyers just to even try to get them into range, moved my Priests up, ran them, moved my Breachers towards the Relic, took shots at the bug thing with the tongue with everything I could, did a single wound and flamed a 10 man termagaunt squad down to two.

Second turn, the Tyrants failed to fly in, he moved stuff upwards, charged my Power Fist Castellans with the Swarmlord, tongue bug and two Hormagaunts, sent the Termagaunt squad at my Electro Priests, shot them, I lost one, then charged them, I lost all 4 in his combat turn giving up first blood. I activated my Canticle that gave rerolls in Combat. My Dominus finished off some Gaunts. My Breachers mowed down the Hormagaunts that were trying to run away with the relic. Lost my Datasmith and a Castellan leaving the 2nd one on a single wound though I did manage to take out the Guard. My other Castellan squad shot the Termagaunt squad who had moved into cover following their victory in combat. Destroyed all but 3. My Grav Destroyers were only in range of one of those Termagaunts so I decided to throw all 18 shots at that gaunt, I made made 5 hits, no wounds.

Third turn, he destroyed my 1 wound Castellan with a Psychic Scream which took all his stuff out of combat. Charged my Phosphor Castellans with the Swarmlord, Tongue Bug and two Hormagaunts. Challenged my Datasmith with the Swarmlord, I accepted, completely slaughtered him and overkilled the Castellans, fresh from their feeding on what little Biomass they could the Swarmlord headed into cover, the Tongue Bug headed over to my Breachers which were closest to the Relic. The Flyrant pumps fire into my Dominus, but making 8 saves, my Dominus looked on undisturbed. My turn comes around and my Breachers pump shots into the tongue bug, do 3 wounds in total. My Grav Destroyers, also shoot tongue bug but don't do any damage. My Dominus backs away from the Swarmlord and pumps all of its weapons into him, inflicting two unsaved wounds from his Macrostubber.

Fourth turn, my Destroyers get pinned thanks to The Horror, he sends the Flyrant over to the Breachers, shoot and killed 2, followed along with Tongue Bug which promptly charged and massacred the last one with ease gaining one wound followed up with Regeneration putting it back onto 4 wounds, just after it picked up the Relic. The Guard make pot shots at my Destroyers loosing me two. Swarmlord failed to charge my Dominus which was soon charged by two Hormagaunts until they were slashed into nothing by his Power Axe, I consolidated my Dominus 5" away from the Swarmlord. My turn and nothing else I can do except have my cool calm and collected Dominus slay Swarmlord, aims his Macrostubber, fires, all hits, 1 wound, doesn't get saved and Swarmlord promptly died giving me Slay the Warlord.

Fifth turn, he sends his Flyrant and Tongue Bug after my Dominus, the Guard kills my final Destroyer. I move away and the turn ends, we roll to continue but the game ends. He had first blood, linebreaker and The Relic, I just had Slay the Warlord.

My dead pile, everything except my Dominus.

What my Dominus was staring down had it continued.

All in all, I think my deployment is what cost me the most, my Grav Destroyers could have done a lot of damage had they actually been in range, especially with the Cabticle that rerolls shooting. I'd also have positioned my Phosphor Castellans more centrally so they could have activated their programming and just sat and shot stuff. The Fulgarite were a total waste and may be one of the worst combat units I've ever come across. T3 means they die to a small gust of wind, their low initiative means they are hitting so many things last. 5++ and FNP aren't enough to get them into combat and not enough to let them survive to strike back. The weapons even then are so so, they may nip a model or two but without taking a massive squad they will probably never do enough wounds to get that 3++. I'll give the Corpuscarii a try and see what they're like but I'm not optimistic. Not even sure I fancy the formation either. Still have plenty to learn though, but I enjoyed myself despite my loss and nothing will take away from my Dominus owning the Swarmlord with a pistol.

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