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Default the small matter of another Star wars film

Okay i resisted as long as i could, im as giddy as a 7 year old at the propect of seeing yet another star wars trilogy starting with EP7 the force awakens in december, like many of you i grew up with the original trilogy movies and everything that went with them from yogurts to bed spreads to the now iconic (and expensive) toys, i also in many ways think that the movies paved the way for our beloved 40k to have an audience?

anyway i was reading an interesting article online which i cant find now, but in essence the article mentioned that Disney had purchased very wisely with marvel and Lucas film as these properties could quite easily produce movies,tv and ultimately considerable revenue for the next 20 years and possibly anything up to a 100 years, now that might seem like pie in the sky, but disney has been kicking around for nearly 100 years and most of that time has been off the back of a talk mouse and his pals.

But i have to say the notion that star wars may be around for another 100 years kinda scares me a little, not least because i know with some certainty that i wont be, its quite depressing that i wont get to experience everything disney may put out.

dont get me wrong im pleased that someone has the confidence in the saga and disney to warrant saying it could carry on for another century, it really is that special, it just sucks that i wont be around for all of it.

anyway i just thought i would mention that im super excited, im a massive fan of all the movies, they all have there flaws,but ultimately they are the driving force for everything else that came along because of them.

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