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Default Ork Obj Secured Vs extra HQ, what's better?

I'll be attending a tournament in a couple of months and I'm taking along my Orks for a bit of fun. However, I have come up against a bit of a dilemma.
The tournament restricts all players to one CAD and one Formation. If your codex has an alternative to a CAD, you may use that instead f you wish.
The Ork Horde Detachment allows you to choose 3 HQs, and for Orks this is particularly tempting especially as I'll be running a GreenTide with a painboy. The chance of also having a warboss with DLS, and a Big Mekk with KFF or even a Weirdboy is very tempting, however, the Ork Horde doesn't have Objective secured.
A CAD obviously provides OS, and I would be able to have a few troop choices other than Gretchin which I would most likely have to stick with with the Ork Horde, but is it really worth it?
I value your thoughts.
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