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Originally Posted by darkreever View Post
I think Dark Apostle by Anthony Reynolds is a good book, and yes it is the first in a series. The other two books are Dark Disciple and Dark Creed. Overall I think the trilogy holds up a bit better than the Night Lords trilogy.

I know some have a bit of an issue with certain things in Dark Apostle, namely that the Word Bearers were able to take down a titan in the manner they did. But those same people seem to give the Night Lords a pass when it came to how they took down a titan in their own series (between the two the Word Bearers seems more feasible.)
Ah, I am glad you brought that up. When I read about that in the Night Lords series, I was a little taken back.

So, I can fairly take your word for it' . I am quite anxious to get to finish all of these books that I'm reading. it seems I have much ahead of me. Haha.

You guys are awesome in your informative input and hurl great recommendations. I hope we can continue to converse like this on many other topics. Preferably 40k PC games... and how I seem to think there aren't any more for me to play as I went through them all!

I think I made the right choice when I came here and met you guys. You're all pretty awesome!

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