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Originally Posted by Roganzar View Post
Hello fellow Magos. You've got some rather nice looking Mechanicum going on there.

Some thoughts if I may. The paint seems to be going on a bit thick. This is especially noticeable on the Destroyer. While yellow is an incredible pain in the shiny metal ass, it also ends up the easiest at seeing the paint being too thick. I recommend thining down the yellow a bit more than you have with either water of mixing in some flo-aid into the pot. I've done that with my lighter colors, (whites, yellows, greys, skintones) and its made a big difference in smoothing out those colors. It makes it thinner, requiring more coats, even the base colors, but looks so much better.

That all said, the Thanatar looks amazing. I, personally, would add some brass or gold accents on the base metal but thats just me.
Keep it up.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm continually in awe of the Ad Mech in your Plog. Yeah that's my first time painting yellow, I've avoided it for years because I've heard and read about all the horror stories trying to paint yellow. Yeah I had used water but even then it still seemed rather thick. Was considering picking up some Lhaemean Medium since I'd read that helps but I think I'll try Liquitex stuff first. Also planning to pick up a wet pallette since I've read that helps painting immensely. That being said, I'm not sold on yellow as my colour scheme anyway. I was drawn to it since it seemed different, for Ad Mech at least, since I just want to paint something other than red, but I'm not settled on yellow being that colour.

Thanks, my Thanatar, I'm sponging it, only time I've used a brush on it is for the silver metal parts and the washes. The plates are all done with a sponge. I'm waiting on a specific vallejo rust colour to arrive which I'll be sponging on next. Followed up with a touch of Nihilakh Oxide and Ryza Rust, then the bulk of the model should be done and it's just the little bits. Then if it looks decent I'll probably copy it over to the rest of my 30k Ad Mech.

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