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Originally Posted by Deus Mortis View Post
So, it would appear I've done a Nordicus for this month too.
It appears as if I have also pulled a Nordicus. Here is my Skaven Warlord Grisk Bloodpaw, squeak-whispered to be the reincarnation of Queek the Headtaker, the General the Council of Thirteen send in when they want the enemy annihilated to the very last pup. Defying the time-honoured tradition of leading from the rear, Grisk once ended a rout of ten thousand Skavenslaves by roaring at them, sending the now fear-crazed slaves screaming back into the teeth of a Duardin gunline,

I'll base this figure once I figure out exactly how I want to base him, i'm leaning towards straight Lustrian Undergrowth to represent a jungle.


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