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Default Ushabti how do you gear them?

Looking at getting some Ushabti for my Tomb kings army, but really not sure which ones to go for. I have finally decided on a mainly shooting army with flanking chariots and knights and a block of tomb guard in the middle.

My gut reaction shouts Great bows, as it gives me the ability to deal with armour at range but BS 2 seems inconsistent, and at a push can weaken warmachines a bit. Obviously I would need to take at least 6 to make them matter at all but thats 300pts that may not do much, particularly as its a waste against most infantry. Though as they are at range it does make them significantly harder to give up victory points. The models with Great weapons will be much more consistent but only if the charge is right, otherwise they will be hit before they have chance to do damage.

What are your thoughts on Ushabti?

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