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Honestly I'm unsure about my Dark Eldar, I haven't been feeling them for a long while now, at first I thought it was me being overwhelmed with Ad Mech finally coming to 40k, and getting all the new toys that came with it. But I've just become bored, playing, looking at them, building them etc. But I've got a friend who has been looking at getting into the game and actually fancies DE as his first army - despite my frequent attempts to point him in the direction of an 'easier' army. So I'm tempted to sell him my DE rather cheap so he can play and they go to a good home. That being said, if I did that I'd be sad for my Project Log since I seem to be one of the few here that's sporting Dark Eldar in their Plog.

Yeah the robe I'm not sure, I like them being Dark Red and looking a little oily on the other hand I do think the robes need some highlights.

Start of a day off, more progress, this time my 30k Thanatar! Hoping to get him finished so I can post him as my entry for the army painting challenge.

I know the ammo belt isn't connected, but no matter how much I heated it to twist it, that's the closest I could get them to connect.

More of my 30k Ad Mech assembled!

Magos with Rad Cleanser

My Thallax Cohort

My Castellax

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The Old World just became a fart in the bath.....

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