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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
@KarnalBloodfist it's different because before the points system created statistically "best" builds.
How is wounds based system better than points? In that, Glade Riders are the shit. Move 14+D6 and Shoot 20 with 2 attacks at 4+/4+. On a 100points, that's 25 wounds a turn. Using your example of Marauder Horsemen, that's a unit which cannot catch them (Move 12), with the exception of the Javelin (Range 9" = only 1 in reach unless you can trap the Glade Riders as the riders split away to the flanks) cannot hurt them, and in return, with a 6+ Save, means that that's 9-10 dead Marauder Cav a turn, or 6 Chosen.

That's not me being a douche, that's me using the models I have, and I found by chance as being stupidly good. That fits within the 100 wound limit I have seen knocked about the net as well. Am I being a dick by using the models I have available, in the form of army I like?

Maybe this is something about me, about how I play games, playing to win. I'd rather play a competitive game I can get good at, rather than playing with nothing but a random allocation of numbers and told to make a game out of it.

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