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Xaren listened to his fellow warriors argue over the be s course of action. Each one was ludicrous in the face of reality, though much of what he thought was real was shattered upon being betrayed. His father, The Primarch had sent them here to die and now was cleaning up the mess. Angering and his barbarians were massing a large scale assault that no one would survive. An option he heard crept to his mind. The catacombs. That seemed to be the best chance they had against such odds.
"The catacombs are statically sound when you think on it. Its narrow and maze like, with the ability to lose our foes should they follow. The tunnels are about two men wide and that will keep them from overwhelming us in close combat." His hand fell to his chainsword.
"For what happened to my squad and to my brothers, I revoke the name of Sons of Horus. I am a Luna Wolf through and through and I long for vengeance."

The teeth of Morkai take you! For Russ and The Allfather!
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