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Originally Posted by tyrsfang View Post
So, here;s the thing.

I have the WORST luck, but I enjoy the game.
I'm in it for the fun, so let's have some.
That's an excellent attitude!

I used to game with a guy who seemed to be similarly cursed. His name was Mike. After a short while he was dubbed "unlucky Mike."

He was like the avatar of Murphy's law. If it could go wrong, it often did. If the dice could find a way to screw him, screw they would. It was amazing. And similarly he bore it with good humor.

My hat's off to you.

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Originally Posted by Dethklokk
"CHEESE!" is the battlecry of the ill-prepared.

Originally Posted by Deathscythe4722
Could someone please call the police on this guy? I can hear the English Language screaming in pain. This has to be illegal somewhere.
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