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Ok, so this is such a tiny thing, but it was awesome and so I'm going to share it.

Right, so last night me and my pal were having a 1500 point game of 40k (well 30k Emperor's Children vs 40k Imperial Fists). Almost 1/3rd of my army was taken up of Captain Tiberius (Eidolon in disguise), a command squad and an apothecary. Not the most points effective way of doing it, but I wanted to use him so fight me. Anyway, so Tiberius and his unit charge up the middle and into a unit of 5 terminators and a librarian. Challenges the sergeant, kills him with his I7 thunderhammer and the rest of the squad leaving only the librarian, who the rest of the command squad fail to kill. Then in charges my pal's captain and command squad. 2 turns later everything that is his in the combat is dead and I think I lost 1 chosen marine. They move up to an objective. Now, ~12" to their right is a predator which in my turn I stun so it can only Snap Shot. Now, this is where the cool bit comes in.

To try and force me off the objective (because it's really close to a wall on one side and it's about 4th/5th turn at this point) my mate Tank Shocks my command squad. Now, they're Fearless from the Legion Standard so can hop out the way. However, we're both having fun and I've got most of the objectives so I figure "What the hell, let's do death or glory with Tiberius! Either way, it'll end up as a funny story".

So, Tiberius (against tactically sound reason) steps up to face down this Predator. He swings, gets a 2 but it's ok, because his thunderhammer is master-crafted so he gets a re-roll, which is a 3. Now, he needs a 3 or more to get a penetrating hit on this Predator, which he gets. Then, we roll on the damage table, and it's a 6! So Tiberius steps up and hits this tank so hard it flips over and explodes Laughter and comments about how cool that was from both me and my pal ensue

So yeah, that was fun.

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