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Tiberius’s lips turned into a sneer, quite unbecoming set against such noble features. Krateron was a fool. A rash, insipid, fool. He had previously had the sense to steer clear of danger, but suddenly now he wanted to charge straight into death. He scoffed “Spears are no good against an ocean either Krateron…” Tiberius was indignant, although perhaps more at the slight against his legion than at what Krateron had suggested. “…If you were an Emperor’s Child you would be less of a headstrong idiot and see, as impressive as this force you’ve amassed is, you cannot face down a legion with it! Angron has the entire Twelfth at his back. And even if you can break through that barbarous hoard what then?”

In truth, Tiberius let the question hang for just long enough for Akkad to being forming an answer before speaking again. “The Sons of Horus are already landing behind the World Eaters. You would attempt break through, sacrificing at least half of this ensemble to protect your own hide, only to run onto the blades of your brethren. Perhaps that is the catharsis you are looking for, but it is folly. Perhaps…”

He had to concede something, his mercurial anger subsiding “…if we were to split into smaller groups we could hide ourselves in the ruins and simply let the tide of World Eaters pass and break through without the need for a fight. Angron’s forces will head for the main areas or resistance and hunt for survivors there, where the blood runs thickest, not stopping to pick over morsels in this carcass. But others will come and they will be more methodical.” Akkad would split from them if he had to, Tiberius had no doubt. Despite the hours they had spent together, his allegiance was to no one but himself and would only stay as long as it served him.

His attention shifted back to Sebastian, although his body language included the rest. They knew more about these catacombs than he did. “If what you say about the catacombs is true, then they are our best option as far as I can see…” Even if they weren’t, the time to discover a better one is a luxury we don’t have. “…Whether we flank our foes or head for the palace is something we can concern ourselves with later. We head for the catacombs.” This was a moment of leadership. Tiberius was not the ranking officer here, and the authority to make such a decision was not his. But, if the group let him, it didn’t matter. That’s what leadership came down to, pushing your authority until someone stops you…

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