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So, here;s the thing.

I have the WORST luck, but I enjoy the game.

Sure my lightning claw terminators shouldn't have been wiped out in close combat with tau stealth suits, and the DW DS mishap meant my game relied entirely on my 2 rhinos with 5 man squads and a dreadnaught. My tau can't shoot straight. my necrons are content to stay down. I had a stormraven with purifier squad that was shot down by a plasma pistol, a PISTOL, but 3 SW troops blew themselves up in the process. I've had games where my DE dark lances were taken out and then my opponent didn't leave their transports. I've been ran off the board, because my orks wouldn't rally. I've had a nemesis dreadknight turn into a herald of nurgle.

It's not all bad though, but that's not nearly as memorable or funny.

That's not the point.

It's a game, games are meant to be fun. sure you get WAAC and rules exploiters, but what game doesn't.

I'm in it for the fun, so let's have some.
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