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I got a bit confused about whether it was a "sleeper-cell within a kill-team" kind of approach? But was still interesting and wanted to know more.
@andygorn :

You know, I'm not actually sure myself. As I said, Alpha Wolves was a random story I came up with. That, and I'm not certain what you mean by kill-team, you mean as in the 40k game? If that's the case, then I would say no. Alpha Team is hunting Kei Endo, a daughter of the royal family and air to the throne of somewhere. I kind of used an alternate history setting of Numbered Days, where Kei is locked in a civil against her older sister, Empress Sorano Endo. Obviously, the alternative history does not work out for her.

I realize I probably did not explain it well, but with the thousand word constraint, I thought people would rather read about something more intense than a history lesson.

Thanks for the encouraging feedback everyone, it inspires me to return to some old, dusty ideas locked away somewhere.

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