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Originally Posted by falcoso View Post
Undoubtedly, but its not like my 8th ed stuff has disintergrated as soon as AoS went up. If I chose to not play AoS, nothing has changed I can go on as before, if I do then I can play a game decide its okay and still play 8th when I want. The system has a long way to go, but it sounds like there is still a heck of a lot to come.
I agree with you mostly, but you seem to forget that a lot of kits have gone and will go out of production. The Garden of Morr, for example. They have also let slip that the Orcs will be phased out in favour of the ridiculous sounding 'Orruks'.
I also believe they will eventually repackage everything with round bases, which would be at least inconvenient.

It is not that everything is disintegrated now, but it is strongly suggested that it might.
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