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I don't understand why everyone is raging about the roll a 13 on the screaming bell and you win? It specifically states the roll cannot be modified, so even if you had a +1 to a roll, or fateweaver deciding what is rolled surely it wouldn't work as it would count as a modifier? And if you actually insist that you have won and take these rules seriously then good luck trying to find someone to play against. I've seen rumours that ahve said none of the new stuff will have any of this anyway, just a homage to old units.

At the end of the day it was evident Fantasy uptake had been in decline for a very long time, in all the years I have visited my local store I have seen 2 fantasy starter games compared to hundreds of 40k starter games. What's more is the large reaction for people after the game is 'I have to spend how much to get all the rules and everything I need to play?'. I get the sense that AoS is a 'shoe in' game that allows people to get into a wargame for cheap (more importantly for GW, a GW wargame for cheap). And once you have built up an army, its not as big a leap to go to 40k for bigger games with more levels of complexity, or, dare I say it, LOTR (or whatever skirmish games may come) for more interactive games where minute details can be controlled.

Its also incredibly easy to setup your own scenarios rather than kill everything, I mean any game where the objective is to kill as much as you can is going to lead to a build up in the middle. In the second game I played we added 5 objectives and you got 1 point in the hero phase if you had a unit in 3", this gave units a reason to retreat, and led to units moving around to get out the way, leading to a much more interesting game.

By no means am I saying the system is perfect, I have a lot of problems with the system without even starting on the lack of points or funny rules, and would I have preferred a 9th ed? Undoubtedly, but its not like my 8th ed stuff has disintergrated as soon as AoS went up. If I chose to not play AoS, nothing has changed I can go on as before, if I do then I can play a game decide its okay and still play 8th when I want. The system has a long way to go, but it sounds like there is still a heck of a lot to come.

Me: To be honest im amazed there isn't a chaos god of not revising or at least chaos god of procrastination

MidnightSun: There will be, when enough people do it. Y'know when the Eldar were all engaging in their hedonism and Slaanesh ripped open the Eye of Terror with his creation? Slaanesh will have NOTHING on the God of Procrastination, and his vile minions will carve the galaxy asunder in a thousand year reign of blood.... Tomorrow

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