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Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
Forgive me if I sound at all jaded but...wouldn't any other company I don't know...maybe have released a blanket question perhaps of "Why do you not play WHFB?" or "What is wrong with WHFB?" that their fans can reply too.

I mean I remember when I started collecting fantasy back in the early 2000's (6th ed Fantasy) and a block of 20 dudes, maybe 30-40, was considered a good sized melee unit. I mean I rarely thought that a basic unit NEEDED to be more than a single box of troops, I mean some of them might have wanted to be 2 boxes big.

This was my attempt at giving fantasy a go... Giant blocks of rats... And the sad part was: I had 2 blocks of 50 slaves that got absolutely decimated by other deathstars (usually around 40-50 models for that retarded horde fomation that gave you an insane amount of attacks) in 2 combat turns. The solution that the "veterans" were suggesting:

"Get blocks of about 100 slaves so you can remain steadfast for a while".

At that point, I had a "fuck it, I'm out" experience and sold the rats off. This was from sombody who was acclimatised to GW prices for almost 2 decades by now...

And I don't want to rub salt in the wound, because I can understand a lot of the frustration and some knee jerk reactions coming from veteran WHFB players... But GW couldn't give a flying f*ck what rule system you end up playing... As long as you are buying citadel miniatures to do so. And many veterans still will, even if the rules they use, are those of 8th, 7th, 6th, KoW 2.0,...

And that is what GW is trying to achieve IMO.New people will now see a system played in stores that requires a handfull of models to play, rather than blocks that set you back $150 per regiment... Depth be damned when newbies (not using it derogatory here) are trying it out...

I had an AMAZING time at fightclub.

I arrived a bit late, so I missed the introductions, but man... I had an awesome time at fightclub! 10/10 I would recommend fight club to anybody!
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