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The Kairos/Screaming Bell thing has already become a 'thing' on some other groups.

I've been watching people trying to abuse legit rules... a MASSIVE debate right now is that you can start the game with just Nagash, get outnumbered bonuses, and then use Nagash to summon every undead, because one way to interpret the rules is that he knows every summon spell on every battle scroll.

Oh, and then there's the High Elf Prince on a Griffon that is supposed to be able to attack more than Imrik, because he gets all of his lance attacks, all of his sword attacks, then all of his griffon beak attacks and all of his claw attacks.

On the other hand, I love the High Elf 3-dragon formation, because dragons were why I played Fantasy to start. The 'Haughty' joke rule is good for a laugh or two.

Magic: the Gathering made three entire sets of joke cards.

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