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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
As Skaven, you can instantly win if you roll a 13 with a 2d6 and a Screaming Bell present. I can't wait for some "splatbook" to allow you to roll with a +1 and some other way to guarantee it.

I was getting intrigued into playing the game as I picked up the "Ravening Skirmishers" until I realised I was reading some rules that came from some drunk guys playing D&D. If those are what you're going to be paying for, enjoy guys. Meanwhile I'll sit here with my old models and wait for it to fail. After all, I can now begin to come up with a much better fixed 8th edition ruleset now that GW have shit the bed and screwed the pooch.

I was amused at first reading Vampires, when I realised the "abuses" that could come from Mannfred being played in the evening as opposed to a night battle, and then as it became more and more apparent that it wasn't an abuse, it was a legitimate thing.

And if GW are actually a miniatures company, why the fuck are they producing rules still? Stick with your guns and remove the rules.

Vaz, cheer the fudge up or quit whining like a whipped assed pussy. It's getting dull, and that's the whole point of this change is to make things FUN. Games are made to be FUN.
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