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Why are you equating the likes of Warhammer Fantasy getting squatted with the rules edition change of 2nd to 3rd? 5th Edition Warhammer to Ravening Hordes is more like it.

If you are complaining about how hard Warhammer is to get into as the reason why it failed, then why are Wizards of the Coasts Dungeons and Dragons so successful? They are complicated as fuck. The rules lawyer in me cringes at some of the mangled wording, such as a feat (something that you only get one in ever 3 levels, over a typical 20 level build, but most characters being level 8-12 as a typical guide) actually hurting your (already mediocre and suboptimum) play style by providing a malus when it should provided a bonus.

They are successful. Their game is successful. Their books are their life, and they succeeded with their books, despite the broken rules and often shitty hostile community. Why? Because they engage with their customers at some level. Playtest booklets with feedback stages etc, market researches. They understand that you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, but they do what they can to allow people who don't like their latest omelette to support them, by selling off licenses etc.

It's a fact that now, it is at it's lowest point in 15 months in the stock price, which has seen a fall of 0.20 since I checked a couple of weeks ago, (since the last highest point on the 13th of June, stocks have dropped 0.7762; which with 36 million shares in issue, has dropped roughly 28million in worth according to its stock price, which doesn't make investors very happy); which based on the 36million has cost the company 7m.

This is a very rough way of looking at it, and there's all sorts of shit that can be used to mask it, but in two weeks, the company has seen a loss that cannot easily be recouped by anything. How equitable the Age of Sigmar is in regards to causing that decrease is questionable, but it's a fact that the two happened at a similar time, and that the weeks leading up to its release hasn't counteracted the slow slide of stock value.

Whatever Kevin Roundtree is attempting to do to fix the company following Fuckwit Kirbys departure hasn't done anything to rectify the slide into business nonentityism that has seen the company slip to a similar range to what it was during 5th edition.

Releasing an april fools like this will see Warhammer Fantasy consigned to the scrap heap.

After all, check out the reactions over on Warseer. While I've criticised it in the past, a lot of truth has been spoken on there, and as the largest collection of warhammer players on the net, it speaks volumes.

I hope that works. 2/3rds are negative, basically.

I have 20 odd Teutogen Guard, Boris the Red, and a few FW Skin Wolves to represent a Sigmarines army, but I'm keeping them square based.

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