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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
Seriously? Are these rules actually legit? They aren't some massive April Fools joke?

The Grail Vow: You can re-roll all failed to hit rolls for this unit, if before rolling the dice, you hold aloft a grail or goblet and shout 'for the lady' in a heroic voice

What the actual fuck is that? Are they trying to make us look like desperate virgins who have lost any shred of dignity or self-semblance of being a normal functioning human being? Fuck this AOS to death
Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
"BIG NEWS: There is not going to be a big rule book. However, there is already in the worls a set of rules for competetive and tournament play.

Points dont matter so much, because everything will be based on scenarios. There will be - his words - literally hundreds. You will never need to play the same scenario twice.

Added to this there are dozens of campaigns in the works, all of which will expand on the rules and warscrolls available.

Additionally, the 'silly' special rules already seen in the warscroll releases have been done as a homage to older characters and units. These are not due to continue going forward.

So - no BRB, but there will be rules for competition. Oh, and list building is now avcomplished througj working out the sinergy between wars rolls. As you dont have to pay for equiptment anymore, and optimizing is therefore out the window, getting units to work more efficiently is all accomplished through which warscrolls you choose and how they can make the units around them better."
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