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Originally Posted by elmir View Post
...WHFB was in a rough spot... It was very much dying. If one box from 40k can match the sales of the entire WHFB game, that's really bad...Nobody was bothering with them because they knew about the necessity of ginormeous blocks of infantry and thousands of dollars to get into the game. (and that game still excists btw).
Forgive me if I sound at all jaded but...wouldn't any other company I don't know...maybe have released a blanket question perhaps of "Why do you not play WHFB?" or "What is wrong with WHFB?" that their fans can reply too.

I mean I remember when I started collecting fantasy back in the early 2000's (6th ed Fantasy) and a block of 20 dudes, maybe 30-40, was considered a good sized melee unit. I mean I rarely thought that a basic unit NEEDED to be more than a single box of troops, I mean some of them might have wanted to be 2 boxes big.


I mean if you saw my post in the other AoS thread you should be easy to notice that THIS game, is a bad game. Not because the rules are bad, or that the models look bad, but because GW did something so...extravagant... that it has now created a substantial rift in their players; I mean we have seen smaller rifts before in the 40k community with the 6th ed release of "this game is not for competitive play" being thrown about - only to have that be exacerbated with a 7th edition maybe 2 years later, and perhaps an 8th edition next year (yay fast releases -_-). And while I am certain that their have been rifts in Fantasy, I have not played a game (or followed the game) in entirely too long to know.

GW has NOT been a company of consistency for a number of years now, and having that instability coupled with their muted tone has only further enhanced the distraught of the players, the fans.

Are you tired of hearing people bitching about GW, or that GW does nothing good for their fans? Well, look around. There are not a whole lot of us left, and some of those who have stayed this long are probably going to leave. Think about it, wonder why no one plays fantasy right now besides those who have armies already? You already stated it yourself - having to drop what, $1,000 - $2,000(US) on a pure GW army to play a game of fantasy? What's the lowest point level you have seen people play fantasy; whats the lowest point level you have seen people play 40k? The games are only getting bigger. I can't think of a new player in my FLGS's 40k group that doesn't have a parent involved as well, and that has been years ago at this point.


I'm going to cut myself off there, that turned into a rant when I did not mean it become one.

Originally Posted by neilbatte
if you squint the Sigmar stuff doesn't all look like the love children from a Necron and Blood Angel orgy.

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