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I may not have been in the game as long as you. I've been playing fantasy since 6th edition and I've been through this already when 8th edition came out. Me and my friends thought it was awful and we've been playing 7th edition since, and eventually even went back to 6th. Now I've written hybrid 6-7 houserules and we are perfectly happy with them.
I've never liked most of the models that came out since 8th edition ("Everything must be BIGGER!"). Additionally, I've never thought much of 40k, seeing it as a more dumbed down version of Fantasy with uglier models. I do like the setting a bit though, and have played a very fun game of Kill Team.
Still, 2nd 40k edition sounds great!
So, I've not cared much about Age of Sigmar since it doesn't change much for me. Though I'll guess it'll be annoying when they repackage everything with round bases, and probably less models while keeping the same price. I don't want to play a game that you can play with children, I don't want a game that only lasts an hour.
But, we did lose the ability to play at the store were we always played and held Mighty Empires campaigns, and were there were other people to play with.

So I guess I'll quitely finish my fantasy armies while I still can and probably switch to Historics.

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