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Default Thoughts on changing systems

For those who are decrying Age Of Sigmar as 'dumbed down', 'too simplistic' or just plain 'Rubbish', if I may interject an experience of my own for comparison?

I remember a time in my younger years when I played a game. It was a rich and vastly complicated game, with dozens of rulebooks, supplements, a huge and over bearing magic system and heroes no size of army could ever hope to beat without a hero of their own. It was beautiful, it was fun, and I loved it.

That game was Warhammer 40,000, 2nd Edition.

Then they brought out 3rd Ed.

It was hugely cut back. Massively simplified. I utterly hated the removal of (and still dreadfully miss) the movement stat. Vehicles were suddenly virtually useless. Guns all did one point of damage. Terminators no longer had a 3+ save on 2D6. Psychics were reduced to such depths of rubbishness that nobody took them, not even Eldar. There was a massive outcry at what was an apparent betrayal of the players, and claims the game we all adored had been butchered and destroyed.

Sounding familiar yet?

Yes, I know the background was still there, but bear with me.

I was retail staff back then, in south London. I had no choice but to play the game, do intro games, and be enthusiastic about it. And gradually, I came to notice various things that actually improved my gaming experience. Combat no longer took as long as all the other phases combined, and then some. There was no need for newer players to constantly refer to books to check if their guns did 1,d3, d4, d6, d10 or 2d6 damage, and what saving throw modifier went with it. The game flowed better, took less time and was more fun. It took time to come to these conclusions, and I'm talking the better part of a year, not days or weeks.

No-one is saying you can't play 8th Ed or previous editions any more. No-one is saying you have to rebase your army, in fact, you can benefit from ranking up in this edition. Gets more fighters within 1-2" if they are ranked up, whilst your opponent tries to cram round bases around you. What I am saying, is that don't leap to conclusions. The new Realms setting looks fascinating. There will be more books, more rules, more content.

I have played whfb since 4th Ed. It's been part of my life for 24 years. I'm willing to give this a go, and if I don't like it then I'll just play a previous edition I do like. What I'm not going to do, is be hasty. Hell, I play Sisters and Tyranids in 40k, I know how to be patient to get to the good stuff

Do others here have thoughts and experiences they wish to share?

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