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1st - Adrian - Dogs of War - 3 pts

2nd - Andygorn - Know When To Run - 2 pts

3rd - Brother Emund - City of Death - 1 pt

This was fun and I enjoyed all of the pieces.

For Dogs of War; the weight of the inevitable was excellent. Dark and crushing with no possible victory, paired with the theme of Patience. I enjoyed the slight jolt of victory towards then end, and the sad end where impatience finally manifested itself and the inevitable failure arrived. The first person perspective was perfect.

Know When To Run; This had my first vote for some time. Second person is difficult to pull off, even more so with a word cap. The first read through my questions got in the way of the story, but I really enjoyed the 'lack of patience' theme. Going back and rereading, I liked the strength of character both the chief and the wise woman displayed. The tale of self-destruction fit the theme like it was meant for it.

City of Death; I liked City for its action and keeping me on the edge of my seat. The building sense of panic in the ranger was nicely done and you could see the mistakes the poor guy was making. You pulled off the sense of being hunted very well. I enjoyed watching the ranger go from the master marksman to a furtive animal seeking escape, only to run into its stalker. Not away from it. Another good example of impatience.

Thanks! Again, they were all very good. Alpha Wolves was a great teaser if you wanted leave me waning more, because I'd love to see more of that story. An excellent piece of a larger adventure. Training Day was an added treat, getting to see the other side of the coin.

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