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So many good stories to vote for this month! Unfortunately, I can only vote for three, so here are my votes.

1)Adrian, Dogs of War Beyond The Scope, 3 pts

2) Andygorn, Know When To Run, 2 pts

3)Brother Edmund, City of Death, 1 pts

Treesnifer, I felt that you had a really good entry. Though I'm not sure why the story is called One Patient Knight, since it seems that the Lady he is waiting on is the one that is most patient to see his wife. It was the patient knight that seemed to have moved on.

Brother Edmund, I liked both of your entries, but I favored the one from the eldar perspective more. It was more suspenseful and exciting to see two experienced Outcasts face two other Marines trained in the aspects of stealth. You expressed patience quite well, through the Outcasts' enemies and through them as well.

Andygorn, I felt that it was you that used this month's theme in the most creative way. I like the whole doomed and tragic feel that weighed down the main character when he discovered that it was he that had killed his wife in the end. The main character seemed too impatient for a cure and to realize that saving his life may have required self-sacrifice.

Adrian: a grim tale of survival in a world undergoing its death throes. I found myself really rooting for this character as I followed him on his desperate gamble to survive and take out as many foes as possible. Good use of the theme is implemented throughout the story. The character either dies or is captured in the end, leaving us with a mysterious cliffhanger to contemplate his fate.

I liked all of the stories this month, very good work people.

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