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Default Trick #13

The time taken has not been used to improve writing to do anything else!

The Evil never die ever

Was a Space Marine. A captain of one of those great and noble warriors of space. During a mission found himself fighting on a planet torn apart by Chaos. Identified members of a warband obtained by the command of the chapter to chase the enemies also the Terror’s Eye.
Knowing that if they returned they would be definitely banned because they were considered infected by Chaos. The mission was wrecked in a complete disaster.
Defeated and captured members of the company were tortured to death. But ... he and only he survived ... broke free. remained hidden and after some time he began to roam the ship he had boarded. In that place he came to the clash with a demon of the highest class.
Having nothing to lose fought fierce tenacity, using a millennial object belonged to his chapter.
Resist but not meant to win! In the heat of battle it bit her furious opponent. The demon could not be defeated, it could have been banned, but he did not have the power! The monster of Chaos left him after a final devastating attack.
Remained collapsed for a time that I was not able to calculate.
Was awakened by a voice, a terrible voice but at the same time sweet ... illusory ...

« Marine want to die or be annihilated? Tell Me ... If I ever went back out dall'Occhio no one will ever accept ... never again! »
He let out a muffled grunt ...

The voice went on to say:
« You will be lost ... but if you like ... you will become one of my Champion ... Slowly and surely will change ... you'll discover new things ... your Omophagea, having bitten the demon will breathe new physiognomy and know ...»

The Marine shook his head confused and indecisive. It was a difficult decision to be taken in an instant!

Lt. Col. Bill Cage: I'm not a soldier.
Rita Vrataski: Of course not. You're a weapon.

The darkness enveloped him in a silence cold and insensitive. His mind traveled back in time. We saw young run on his home planet and then ... The troops selectors of the Space Marines and the decision ... The mutation ... the new consciousness and a new life ... the eternal war! A last battle, the chase and the Eye of Terror!
Everything was like a dream. Confused but as if it were real!

« I want to live! I want to exist and resist! I will be the champion of everyone ...»
A huge face appeared. He closed his eyes and when he opened he saw a demihuman figure... Beautiful and at the same time repellent. watching that individual put the willies. Shivers of pleasure and chills of fear ...

Slanesh of the pleasure accept your application. Your life will now be looking for pleasure through the sadistic torture!

The skin, the muscles, the bones throughout the body began to tremble before an itch ... then it was as drought ... the metamorphosis had begun... not reversible for the Ordo Malleus puritans.

In that state of mind mutation also conforms. It broods, studies, explores and makes choices that can affect the mutation.
The generally strong universe is the female, is what comprises and generates the cosmos ... then it happened the trans-gender ... as well as the skin color from pale and weak became dark and strong.

« She used to love her heroin
But now she's underground
So you stay out late at night
And you do your coke for free
Drivin' your friends crazy
With your life's insanity »

When something dumb universe everything remains seemingly silent and inert but ... there invecie who watches and listens and so it was on that occasion ... a mind obscured and tense perceived the event, the trauma, the choice ...

After that oath, that covenant, began a long and intense period of perversion. Every living thing that was captured was tortured to death. With the exit from the Eye of Terror, the situation changed greatly! The victims, initially more rare, gave a higher degree of pleasure sadistic and perverse

Their cries, the slow agony and supplications in the torture were redden the face of the torturer, whose body and mind were enormously gratified ... albeit for a short time ... always too short.
Slaanesh every torture "successful" seemed to reciprocate with a growing power.
The large and battered spaceship worked like a carnivorous plant, a flower fatal, a cobweb that awaits the insects.

Generated hologram, to deceive the senses, radar and auspex. A once hooked luring prey to itself, avoiding being so direct target of attacks.

Once, with great effort, it was possible to draw a squad of Space Marines, but the effort was not sufficient any enjoyment!

Capturing a group of cultists, the logicians (cult progressive looking for anything that will lead to a technological and social progress), the torturer awakened a dormant ancient memory: the need to change was useful for enhancing.

With the growth of mightiness operated by Slaanesh, he used this skill to wrap herself in a chrysalis, changing appearance and enhancing its mind: becoming psyker!
Psyker of a basic level, but still lethal! With empathy attracted potential victims, and captured after a slow torture made it die.
Realized to perceive even the Astronomican ... which has long not seen!

Torture is an ancient art that must be understood, designed, invented, transformed, shaped… only thus produces a high degree of lust: the extirpation of the hair, the electric shock to the incisions without anesthesia.
However, a side effect: with increasing mightiness decreases inner peace. Meanwhile gushed idea, now hidden by an accurate, perverse, project ...

All the characters in this story are fictitious and anyone
finding a resemblance to actual persons living or dead
should proceed no further!(#23)

Inspiration grew into a manic desire ,the torturer wished torturing a Tyranid: “xenos aggressive, dangerous, mutagenic and psyker!”
Among the new “gifts” give by Slaanesh was the skill to create a psychic vacuum bubble, repellent for the psykers which can not penetrate the shield.

The torturer with a leap, risking, through teleportation entered a mother-ship fleet Tyranids come in possession of a Trygons…
Using the “vacuum bubble” of Insulated after bound so peretto the victim trapped body and mind! Thus implementing the slow torture with ferocity!
In the perverse ritual seemed to take part the same Slaanesh!
The whole hive fleet suffers, moans, writhes with no chance of escape! More disruptive of the most deadly viruses!
Nothing, no-one is able to trace the source of the pain ... not realizing that everything happens inside the Hive fleet itself.
In a disconnected transmission of pain that give an exaggerated amount of perverse and perverted pleasure, that annihilates the victim and produces a higher enjoyment of any multiple orgasm. The Hive Fleet disappeared as if struck by a viral pandemic!

Followed a long period of semi-lethargic rest, where dreams and visions overlapped: a world, a valley, the geo-glyphs, the sequence, a new way ...
A new indecent proposal of Slaanesh: changing nature still ... in Spirit of Immaterium a Chaos Demon of 1st level.

Look, I'm not with everyone here. But I will take a piece of him. (Riddick)

After the visions there was a time of cognitive awakening. In that state of scour stasis she sought the planets appeared in the dream and she identified three planets that fit the mantic vision. She abandoned the state of quiescence and immobility mimetic and
traveled to the Immaterium reaching and exploring the three planets chosen.
The first planet had three geoglyphs but pads geostationary revealed sounds dystonic and incompleteness in the information and broadcasting. The site was discarded.
The second site showed the presence of five geoglyphs, but the geostationary note did not have any return, the second site was discarded.
The third contact appeared twelve geoglyphs and contacts geostationary produced sounds and harmonic matrices.
The intertwining musical-arithmetic allowed to generate a series of information encrypted, also an basic echo provided the code to reveal the oracle.
The torturer had understood that there was a place where using oracles was possible, combine them with the ingredients, get an upgrade or transformation.
The place was mobile, pisco-reactive, non accessbile for all.
She obtained a temporary mapping, in that short amount could come in the place indicated by the geoglyphs.
Also it understood that the destination was similar or a real craftworld Eldar. Maybe part of the BL !?
Having gathered the information sailed through a door of Immaterium to the place of "Wonders".

You made three mistakes. First, you took the job. Second, you came light – a four-man crew for me? Fuckin' insulting. But the worst mistake you made … Empty gun rack. (Riddick).

The place where he came was wrapped in a thick blanket of fog, she was able to land more due to its ability and without aid of cogitator or external light signals. Not esistondo landmarks and being the blurred vision was not possbile to have a clear overview of the place. He entered a huge hangar of 10,000 square meters, maybe more. This made him think a big part of the department of a well more giant.
The hangar was divided into several pavilions in which they operated servo-droid psycho-reactive. A d-pad delivered entrance called the task of the pavilions. The torturer was not looking around, she had a number of ingredients to be recovered and did not waste time.
She did deliver products and a summary sheet then shed had left the hangar, climbed on her spaceship and shoot the way of Immaterieum through a space-time tunnel.

She walked away little Before time runs was lawful to stay in “Wonders hall”, retreating to a place without psychic interference, she analyzed the ingredients with the notes obtained by geoglyphs. This fact taken a final decision, put the power armor, took a basket with the material and came out on the meteorite that housed it.
She poses a silver throne around which marks a series of geometric shapes and rune so evokes and binds a high demon of Kaos, Korne’s servant. With supreme mastery proceeded to torture the demon until the de-animation, causing an explosion, huge, of psychic energy, resulting in the opening of a portal. The torturer then abandoned the ritual and slipped into the portal and in the secret, he is having blinded the lords of Kaos performed an act of conversion liberadosi from the bond and the mark of Slaanesh. Inside the web, with the help of souls guide came to a reinstatement of himself, transmigrating to return in to the world.

You prefer another illusion to reality
I use words like confetti of thorns
This is my border
a autolimite of
Zone Animal ...(Litfiba)

Captain Sumu-La-El had returned and had won the marks, considered, inextricable.

However the doubt stay. The happened was predestined or effect of acts of free will, irrepressible in every stage of the existing!?A the opinion of the Logician. Or is this yet another sign that the Illuminati link the long-awaited return of the Emperor!?

Laerziade Odisseo divine by many gimmicks,
stop, put an end to the struggle of devastating war,
the Highthundering Zeus Cronide has not disdain.
(Od XXIV 542ss)
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