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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
That new Astartes armour looks really good. Anyone know what MK it is though? It looks like it's probably artificer of some sort, but it's at a craftsmanship level on par or even above that of the Blood Angels. Maybe Salamanders successor chapters then, or a combination of Blood Angels and Salamanders, working together to produce the best looking armour possible. Very much look like Death Masks that the Angels are known for.

I'm assuming those are either Combat Shields or Storm Shields? I'd guess Storm Shield despite their modest appearance, probably some really good tech behind them. I understand they use Thunder Hammers as well, this goes well with Storm Shields. No ranged weapons though? Can't see any bolt pistols or Angelus boltguns on them.

Curious as to why they are calling the Emperor, Sigmar though?
Because these are actually a previously little-known branch of the Adeptus Custodes, and Sigmar is one of the Ninety-Nine Titles due to the Emperor of Mankind. The Shield and Hammer weaponry is used for incursions into the webway portal beneath the Golden Throne.

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