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Originally Posted by Stormxlr View Post
Well its hard to keep it straight when your one and only army becomes invalidated and they force you to BUY MORE MODELS YOU DONT WANT.
Stop being overly dramatic, your army isn't invalidated it has just seen a few changes. So you lost the ability to make a moderately powerful alpha strike, its not like you have a completely unusable army now.

Originally Posted by Stormxlr View Post
But what is this 1st company hammerfall strike force, as I see its from C:SM ?
The hammerfall assault force is a formation in the strtikeforce ultra dataslate; its one half of the strikeforce. The new marine codex has a modified version of strikeforce ultra, with different special rules (like normal terminators getting +1 shot to their weapons on the turn they arrive from deep strike rather than being able to run and shoot) but I don't think its a stretch that you can still use the hammerfall and skyspear formations from the dataslate.

Originally Posted by Stormxlr View Post
Also did you see DW Strike Force , its literally has a rule (Summoned to War) that forces you to take RW. Otherwise you need to roll reserve rolls for your DW terminators. So yes it is an RW tax.
First yes I did, and second no it does not force you to take ravenwing. It gives yuou a very, very good incentive to take ravenwing but by no means forces you to take them. Once again stop being dramatic.

A sisters of batle CAD forces you to take battle sisters as troops, a Khorne daemonkin slaughtercult forces you to take possessed, a space marine demi company forces you to take three tactical squads. The deathwing strike force gives you a very good incentive to take ravenwing, it doesn't force you.

And again, with the list I put up before, you couldn't field something like that with your 3k army? A dred, four land raiders, and about thirty five terminators.

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