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Originally Posted by Stormxlr View Post
Also now instead of Belial tax we have ravenwing tax.
At least the DA (let's face it, RW) battleforce is ~$95 CAD at the LGS I frequent....I might go down that route, but it won't be for long enough that there will likely be a new 'dex coming out anyway.

Not a single terminator of mine is painted, there's some work to do before I buy anything else. Actually, the only painted model in the army was one of my Mortis dreadnoughts.

Originally Posted by Stormxlr View Post
Kinda interesting that I only got 1 reply on heresy but 2 pages of ongoing discussion on B&S.
What is this.. B&S you speak of, and is it just cannon fodder for comments or poignant discussion? Heresy slumps like this every now and again.

Originally Posted by venomlust View Post
Can those BA pods take teleport homers?
Bet your bottom dollar they can. Infiltrated BA scouts and drop pods with teleport homers should triangulate my DW assault just fine. I've come up with four different options so far out of my own collection with 3-4 more cooking up in my mind, eventually I'll get around to starting a thread for my Deathwing-Assist program.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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