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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
You seem juxtaposed against yourself here my friend

Seems like DW as a solo force simply doesn't exist anymore. We can add in whatever we want through allies or take Raven/Greenwing, but we're still putting something other than terminators on the table where before we didn't.

It's time for a reevaluation of what we consider a fluffy DW army is, much like when BA lost assault marines as troops. Initially taking tactical marines really didn't feel right but the more games I put in the more I liked having them in my lists, and really even in the old book the companies all had more tactical than assault squads. I feel like this initial hurt is crummy, but DW always needed something more than terminators and land raiders to be a 'competitive' (said loosely because how truly competitive can they be when GK are what they are) force on the battlefield.

I don't want to buy bikes for my army either (and won't, just like I won't buy tomb blades for my 'crons...barring the most insane of deals maybe....), but I will be allying in Guard tanks or BA drop pods to give myself a T1 presence for the DW to show up later. At least the squad points drop gives us a bit more wiggle room for allies. Can't think of a time when I played DW at less than 1500 points, but my 21 terminators sit at 1130 points as modeled and leave me with a bit of space to get stuff on-table....like a couple hidden Assassins and a servo-skull wielding Inquisitor. At 2k 870 points spent on anything should be able to survive a turn.
yes im a bit vexed on how to proceed, overall the changes are nice but if only they left two things unchanged.
Allow Belial take Terminator Troops
Allow Deathwing assault turn 1
Thats it, two simple things and it would not invalidate my 3000 point army. By current FOC i cant even use Deredeo or FW land Raiders with DW
Also now instead of Belial tax we have ravenwing tax.
I barely ever play 2k points, average in my meta is 1000-1750. I didnt mind playing with 16 models at 1000 points, just because i have nice small box to carry everything in .

Kinda interesting that I only got 1 reply on heresy but 2 pages of ongoing discussion on B&S.
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