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so for the Tyranic veteran sargeant
I started with this

then it became this

I used the head from the Ultramarines upgrade sprue, the stormbolter comes from the space marine commander kit, and the axe is from the new Assault marines, I forgot where I got the banner from.
the result after painting.

the Ultramarine Captain, my itteration of Mikael Fabian. Master of the Arsenal and captain of the 3rd Company.
Started like this.

then the Ultramarine upgrade sprue came out and I turned that into this.

Inspired by the Masters of the Chapter, master of the arsenal

the reason for the pose is pretty much this.

the legs, left arm, shoulder guard, backpack and banner. come from the space marine Commander kit
the head, the torso armour, the sword and the right shoulder guard. come from the Ultramarine upgrade sprue.
the power fist came from the new assault marine kit.
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