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Default How to play Deathwing 7th Edition Tactica.

I want to start a How to play Deathwing Tactica discussion so we can come up with an acceptable way to play DW until hopefully and errata and FAQ comes out. Or perhaps a dataslate so we can pay for a fix.
This is not a complain thread, we got what we got lets make the best of it.
Also I have to add that, yes I know that you can just add few Ravenwing Bikers to run DW, but thats not the point. The point of this thread is pure Deathwing.
I dont own any bikers and I wont buy any bikers, at least for now.

First of all I will start by going through what constitutes as Deathwing, followed by the changes from 6th ed to 7th ed , new detachment/formation and issues we are facing and possible pure builds.

So lets get to it.

Deathwing consists of the following models/units;
  • Deathwing Terminator Squad
  • Deathwing Command Squad
  • Deathwing Knights
  • Dreadnoughts - Variants such as Chaplain and Contemptor are Venerable by default but not in rule wording but fluff only.
  • Dedicated Land Raiders and Variants.
  • Grand Master Belial and HQ choices capable of wearing Terminator armor (Company Master, Interrogator Chaplain, Librarian)
Changes from 6th ed to 7th ed, new rules are highlighted in Dark Angel Green.
  • Deathwing Terminator price is down to 40 points, so base unit cost is 200.
  • Sergeants can take TH/SS or LCs.
  • TH/SS are 10 points now.
  • Deathwing Champion must issue and Accept challenges whenever possible due to Honour or Death Special Rule.Can only field one in the army, no other changes.
  • Apothecaries are 5 point upgrade now down from 35, but you can only have one in the army.
  • Any Deathwing squad can take Perfidious Relic of Unforgiven. 15pts provides Adamantium will and Fear USRs.
  • Deathwing Knights Mace of Absolution lost Bane of the Traitor but became +2 Str, AP3.Smite mode is now a pseudo smash attack (x2 Str,ap2, 1 attack)
  • Deathwing Knight Master's Flail of Unforgiven lost Bane of the Traitor ( no more ap2 vs CSM) but gained Fleshbane.
  • Inner Circle renamed into Deathwing Special Rule grants Fearless, Hatred (Chaos Space Marines)
  • Lost Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marines) Can be gained by taking Deathwing Redemption Force.
  • New Grim Resolve, ALL Terminators can overwatch at BS2 now also are Stubborn but that is overridden by Fearless.
  • Vengeful Strike is part of Terminator Equipment rule now.
  • We lost Banner of Fortitude( and other sacred standards, but this one was the most useful)
  • Deathwing Command Squad cant carry Chapter Banner or any other banner besides Deathwing banner or Sacred Standard.
  • Command Squad can "upgrade" 1 model to a DW Sergent.
  • Belial lost ability to make DWT Troops, same point cost, new Warlord trait gives him Precision Shots and Ignores Cover. Marked for Retribution now allows him to re roll hits in challenges, Gained +1 Attack to total of 4.
  • We lost Deathwing Assault from units. No more turn 1 or 2 "secret" Alpha Strike.
  • No more Deathwing Vehicle Rule.
  • Land Raiders lost Dozer Blades.
This are all the changes that I can think of, if I missed some or got something wrong please do mention it.

Lets continue by looking at a new Formation, Deathwing Redemption Force.
Requirements are
  • 1 HQ in Terminator Armor
  • 2-5 Deathwing Terminator Squads
  • 0-1 Deathwing Command Squads
  • 0-1 Deathwing Knights
  • 0-1 Venerable Dreadnought. Must be in Drop pod. No more than one in the unit. So one only in the whole formation.

Command Benefits / Bonuses provided for taking the formation are :

  • You get back Preferred Enemy Chaos Space Marines,
  • NEW Deathwing Assault its exactly the same as before except EVERYONE MUST START In Deep Strike Reserve. You CAN'T arrive turn 1, you can only Deep Strike Turn 2,3, or 4. Drop pod Assault rules are ignored and it arrives together with the formation.
  • Take the fight to the Enemy. When your units arrive by Deep Strike during that turn they get pseudo Battle Focus e.g they can Run and shoot or shoot and run but only during that turn.

Now lets look at the new Deathwing Detachment.
1 HQ
2 Elites
2 HQ
10 Elites

  • Units in this detachment must have Deathwing Special Rule
  • Venerable Dreadnought units must contain one model only and must be given a Drop pod.
Command Benefits for Taking this Detachment are:
  • Summoned to War. Everyone must start in Deep Strike Reserve. But if you take Ravenwing Strike Force Detachment or Ravenwing Attack Squadron Formation you can choose to pass or fail the reserve roll and have no need to roll.
  • First Knights of Caliban. If its your primary detachment you get to reroll your Warlord Traits.
  • Take the fight to the Enemy. When your units arrive by Deep Strike during that turn they get pseudo Battle Focus e.g they can Run and shoot or shoot and run but only during that turn.

Both are just alright if used to support Ravenwing or Greenwing. .
Lets look at the problems Pure Deathwing is Facing now.
  • We lost Deathwing Assault turn one Deep Strike and/or no reserve roll DS.
  • We lost Heavy Support choices , so no more FW Land Raider Variants like Spartan, or Deredeo Dreadnoughts.
  • We lost Objective Secured DWT
  • No more Starting on the table to footslog
  • We can take Dedicated Land Raider Transports but we CANT field them since we have to Start in Deep Strike Reserve. So by RAW we cant field Land Raiders at all.
  • Deathwing Redemption Force Formation auto looses turn one since there are no models on the board.
  • Deathwing Strike Force Detachment can drop pod assault turn 1 so you need to take at least 1 Dreadnought in Drop Pod and survive turn one and then roll for every unit to come in on 4+ Turn 2. Not Very reliable at all.
Now while the some changes are nice and some are ok, what we gained in special rules does not outweigh what we lost. But everybody already knows that. We are here to see how we can remedy the situation

Lets look at the possible ways of playing fluffy pure Deathwing.
In my opinion it would be beneficial to take the Redemption Force Formation over the Detachment, You get back Preferred Enemy and dont need to roll when your units will come in.
Now once you took the Redemption Force you need to find a way to get models on the table turn one so you dont auto loose.
Now here are some ways of doing it that I thought of since we can only use Terminators, Land Raiders and Dreadnoughts.
  • Take 3 Land Raider Formation from SM codex as your pseudo heavy support DW Land Raiders.
  • Take Unbound Dreadnoughts and/or Land Raiders and start them on the board. Now this is the only way to get your Forge World toys to play with your Deathwing.
  • IIRC there is a Dreadnought formation in SM book. You can take that.
  • You can take allied detachment of 6th edition Dark Angels and Deep Strike Belial and one group of DWT on the board and take those Dreadnoughts, Land Raiders.
  • Go full unbound.
  • Keep on using 6th Ed codex to play pure Deathwing and use 7th Edition to play Greenwing/Ravenwing.
  • You can field allied Terminators that count as Deathwing on the table.
This are the legal ways of doing it , however you could always politely ask your opponent to let you deep strike turn one, or ignore the rule where it states that you auto loose if you have no models on the table, so he can make two moves and psychic phases. OR you can ask Ultramarines how come they can DS turn one now and Deathwing cant... sorry I meant you can take Strike force Ultra Formation and play those SM Terminators or substitute units from Codex SM for Codes DA if your opponent allows it. Marines are marines in the end of the day and this is just a formation.

Well this is my breakdown of "new" Deathwing.*snip*. Lets see what you guys can make of this.



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