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Default Influence of color red in wargaming

Recently I watched a video about color in online computer games, If i understand how the system works it should be right down bellow my text here.


the video states and backs up that red teams win more often in FPS due to our brains being programed to see red as power and danger, meaning we act bolder if we our red, and more skittishly if not. (summarizing) and after some periminary looking around, this does seem to be backed up by multiple srouces with even just a simple "red winning" google" getting sites like Nat Geo and discover magazine echoing the research.

but here is my question: does this also apply to wargames like 40K or Warmchine? I was curious and tried goggling it, but the existence of "Wargame Red Dragon" makes any such google-fu tricky for me, so I thought I'd ask you guys here, (in off topic since it seemed a bit too "out there" for general discussion) if you knew anything.

So: here is my question: can any body point out any evidence (beyond anecdote evidence you experience personally) that red painted army's in 40k have a higher win rating then a blue one?

note: if you see me giving tactical advice: just assume i have a internet tab open to 1d4 chan and I'm summarizing off of that.

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