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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
I think this is my beef with it. GW gives fuck all about balance I know, but this makes other army builds (that, for all intents and purposes, should at least be able to pull this off if not excel at it) look even worse than they did before.

At least the DA book can/will get updated with these things in mind (hopefully). I look forward to a binder full of printed off formations that I hunted in internet for to play my BA as competitively as this.

Or I could just play more guitar. Might just do that.
Hopefully, no one is forced to play with (or against) such formations

This one is a "crappy" one, IMHO, especially for people whose armies are historically melee oriented (Orks, CSM, Tyranids, ...) and who strive to adapt their tactics to current game mechanics like deep strike (and no charge possible in the same turn), overwatch or charging in difficult ground (with the initiative loss).

All of these rules are just passed by this formation, for an army which, historically speaking, is more a shooting than assaults oriented one : the player may choose the moment when his/her units are dropped, heavy weapons may directly be used at full potential (no snapshot, even if the dropped unit is considered as having moved), melee units may directly charge (it's not a new thing, as it is already allowed with usual drop pods, I guess, but it's useful to remind for the combo) and may use their jump pack twice in the same turn, and enemy units targeted (just "targeted", meaning that it works even if the shot is completely missed ?) are whether gone to ground (no overwatch, no initiative loss ... most of the time, actually, because 3D6 dice average result is above 10) or can't fire on overwatch .

No more strategy (list building) and no more tactics needed : where is the game ?

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