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Originally Posted by Xabre View Post
so you could always another CAD or something
I appreciate you being proactive my friend, but if I had the models or intention of buying/building/painting the models I'd be there already (and fucking stoked about it). I also can't add Mortis to a BA detachment and don't play vanilla SM or the 'green wing'.

Originally Posted by Xabre View Post
Honestly, EVERY new codex has been unfriendly to FW.
Since we're being honest, every single release for 7th has fucked my collections. There's the Mephrit Detachment (thankfully I...found...a copy of SoB:Exterminatus) for my 'Crons which saved me from having to buy tomb blades on top of the codex just to get a characterful buff to my reanimation protocols, there's all of the tactical marines I was going to paint yellow for Imperial Fists that are now red because the BA dex is what it is (not to mention the numerous FOC changes the book brought), and now I have (potentially anyway) useless green dreadnoughts that I spent way too long painting after finding the twin weapon loadouts online for after nabbing up some AoBR models and 20-30 terminators that would -love- to have air support without buying a new formation's worth of models (I don't buy models based on rules, I gotta like them and at least kind of be interested in painting them) on top of the new codex.

Pointless Venting, I know. It's a thread. I'll stop if you stop trying to cheer me up about it

Anyway, here's some shit from BoLS:

Sad news, Deathwing Assault is no longer a ‘special rule’ or on turn one, is now restricted to the formation, and occurs on turns 2,3,4.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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