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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
Yo @Xabre , people take Mortis so they have interceptor/skyfire on the table T2 when enemy Fliers start coming on. Not T3 after they walk on like dolts late to the fight on T2.

Pile that on with no Ravenwing and you have a less than hospitable situation for -all DW armies-, where I will now (potentially, anyway) be rolling for my Reserves. DA armies in general should have no complaints.
It's a Formation, not a master detachment, so you could always another CAD or something.

Plus they have a flier formation now.

Honestly, EVERY new codex has been unfriendly to FW.

Edit: Found it. This one's for you @MidnightSun : Ravenwing Attack Formation. 1 Bike or Attack Bike squad + one Landspeeder or Vengeance. If the Speeder hits a target, the bikes are +1 BS against that target. Squad also gets a 12" teleport homer for models with the Deathwing rule if they started the turn on the board.

I think my favorite is the Ravenwing Support Squadron. It's pretty powerful, I think. 3 Speeders + either a Vengeance or Darkshroud. The whole bunch get Grim Resolve (overwatch on BS3 or full BS in a Lion's Blade), Interceptor and Strafing Run. And they can overwatch for any friend Ravenwing model within 24" that gets charged, though only 6" for Wall of Death.

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