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Originally Posted by Xabre View Post
The indestructible Land Raiders were a Formation, so that's a yes. But the other tanks were a no, because that was a unit to be purchased directly out of their codex.
What do you mean purchased directly out of their codex?
Originally Posted by tu_shan82 View Post
worried, but once again these are separate from the lion's blade detachment
so they wont include this iconic SM formations that EVERY chapter has just to provide C:SM with some unique flavor or "force" people to purchase c:sm

Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
I just caught up on this thread, and it looks like this is a rather underwhelming release. I know they got a shit ton of new kits on their last release, and there's a tac squad in the DV box, but if I was a DA player I'd be very disappointed if that chappie was all that was new. Hopefully there'll be something next week to back him up.
Well what new release do we actually need? A BA esque tactical squad would be nice since DV one is just a snap together. But we already have a DA veteran kit and upgrade sprues which mix in very well with any sm infantry kit. So the only thing left is to come up with some new units.
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