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The moment the doors closed and the question was asked the air in the elevator instantly turned to ice. Sergeant Amadias closed his eyes for a moment, a whisper of breath escaping his lips before he answers. "Yes brother, I was there. I served under Chaplain Cassius for before coming to the Watch I was an Assault-Sergeant of the Third. You have read the records of the battle for my chapters homeworld I assume? And you have read the records of what the Third found at the Polar Fortress's? That is all I will say on the matter, and if you have not read the reports then you will be able to access them in the Watches Librarium Archive. Those were dark and terrible days for the Ultramarines Chapter and we thank to the Primarch that the Chapter recovered quickly."

"Aye sergeant, more than read the aftermath records I lived them. The Marines Errant were one of the chapters that responded to the call of the Ultramarines and aided in driving the Tyranids from the system." Rien responded, his mind taking him back to those days and the horrors they held. Amadias took this knowledge in stride, not saying a word himself. "I fought alongside the Third during the Corinthian Crusade, and was honour to stand before lord Macraage at crusades end." Rien continued, the hum of the elevator a constant background noise to his thoughts.

Cutting through the silence between them, Amadias speaks up. "You will find that you will be fighting along side battle-brothers of many other chapters Brother-Nicodeme along with the Ultramarines Successors: The Sons of Sanguinius and their Kin, The Wolves have a presence here aswell though you are far more likely to hear them before you see them." Amadias chuckles at that. "The Dark Angels, their Brothers, The Raven Guard and theirs are here also. Every major chapter has sent marines to fight within the Watch and while there is some bad-blood between chapters In-Fighting will not be tolerated is that understood?" Brother-Sergeant Amadias then presses the button to open the elevator door when you hear and feel it come to a smooth halt and steps out into yet another seemingly identical corridor with the only indication of where you are being an Mechanicus numerical stamp above each door as the Sergeant begins to lead you to your room.

"Yes watch-sergeant, I understand fully. The Marines Errant have fought side by side with the brothers of other chapters for centuries. Though we may not agree with the methods of some, we all work towards the same goal in the Emperors name."

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