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Veptus (Deus Mortis): Shadow-Mark. The halls and holds of the 'Maiden' that were where the human populace dwelt and did their walk, all Nostramon born and used to the cold indifference of their Legionary Masters. Walking through the outskirts of Shadow-Mark reminds you of the city where you and Xandrek spent your child-hood with the holds being filled with ramshackle 'buildings', some that you see are much like hab quarters and outside of them stalls where the Legion Serf's traded amongst themselves. As you walk through Shadow-Mark the human serfs leave room around you like a Shark moving through a shoal of fish, with those closest bowing their heads and muttering: "Lord" "Corpse-Master" and every so often you hear "Lord Veptus" to which you see should you look the older members of the serf populace whose names you actually know. In the centre of Shadow-Mark you find a ring of humans staring at a Legionary as he speaks with an elderly man who is known simply as 'The Elder'.

The legionary talking to the 'Elder' you recognize instantly as Xandrek even though his armour has changed his slightly ragged black cloak and dark iron bat like helmet wings mark him and you might smile at how much Xandrek takes after the First Captain. Xandrek's armour looks much like the older armour that you removed at Isstvan and this incarnation has a dull iron-grey trim instead of the traditional bronze of the Legion. As you get closer the ring of humans moves to allow you to get by and you see that the Captain is fully armoured with his shield upon his left arm, his sword sheathed at his waist and his new bolter mag-locked to his thigh, and as you approach he turns to you. "Greetings Veptus, the 'Elder' has been informing me that there is a matter for members of the legion to deal with. It seems there is a mutant in the darker depths of the ship that has been killing and eating the crew. Are you prepared for a hunt Old Friend?" Something isn't quiet right and you realize that, why would Xandrek come personally for something any member of the Company could deal with.

Serhiy (Boxagonapus): You and the rest of Tenth claw continue to stomp your way through the training halls looking for your foes though you can hear the dull sounds of fighting going on through the halls it is hard to pin point where exactly they are coming from due to your body, along with the rest of the destroyers is becoming over taxed by the nature of the weapons you have employed for so long with even your Astartes physiology struggling to coat with the radiation and chemical damage. As you continue to make your way through the ships hall ways you manage to find yourself joining the fire fight that is currently half of Eighth Claw and Kesh attempting to keep Second Claw pinned down though given that they are using their fallen battle brothers are cover it is not going well for them.

You and the rest of Tenth Claw quickly join in aiding your battle brothers with your bolt weaponry adding to the hailstorm of shots slamming into the terminator armour of Second Claw however given that Second Claw always fights in their terminator armour your shots are having little affect other than provoking very loud curses in Nostramon from Sergeant Nyx and his battle brothers to which they then begin shouting taunts and curses in your direction before Brother Azoth and Brother Ithalin un-sling their combat weapons from their sheaths and come charging towards You, Kesh, Tenth Claw and the five remaining members of Eighth Claw in a lumbering charge which your bolter rounds have little to not affect in slowing them down. You know that once Azoth gets close enough that his two-handed maul will reek havoc in such close quarters leaving little to no room to down and Brother Ithalin's twin chain-axes are almost as deadly.

Tyberus (Krymson86): As the front ranks of the squad raise their shields a little higher and press their shoulders against their boarding shields in preparation for a charge, Fourth Claw's hail of bolter rounds ceases as they pull away from the end of the hallway and disappear through the door with a few shots coming back to slam into your boarding shields before the bulk head slams shut behind them. You hear the other members of Third Claw cursing as they continue to move up quickly reaching the bulkhead at the end of the corridor before one of their members walks forward and activates the panel to open it, with the bulkhead once again disappearing into the ceiling. Beyond you see that the hallway is in complete darkness with not even the emergency lights on and you are just about able to make out the fragments of shattered glass on the floor where the lights had purposefully been disabled. As a member of the Eighth Legion you know that somewhere inside of the darkness Fourth Claw would be waiting for an ambush however as you are following First Legion doctrine it would be simple enough to throw in a couple of flares or activate your helmet mounted spot lights.

Should you do either the room beyond is illuminated in a red glow (if you use a flare) that casts a crimson glow upon the steel walls, pipes and ammo crates where you can see that this would be used as a storage room, though if you use your helmet mounted lights then you are able to pick out certain points as each of you scan your vision left and right, before checking the ceiling and seeing that as far as you can tell the room is empty, what you will need to decide is who is going to enter the room first as it is far too quiet and knowing your battle brothers they would of left some kind of a 'gift'.

Kesh (Andygorn): Before you and the rest of Eighth Claw are able to leave all of Tenth Claw barrels into the hallway and begin to open up on Second Claw and ignoring your orders the rest of your squad joins them as the newly added Destroyer marines to the fight may tip the fight in the balance of the attackers so you have no choice but to join in as the five members of Eighth Claw and all of the members of Tenth Claw, with Serhiy who you see duck behind a pipe a bolter round narrowly misses his head, continue firing into the terminators though like before the rounds simply ricochet harmlessly into the ceiling and the walls which elects Second Claw to begin hurling curses and insults in your direction naming each of you who are fighting and shouting dubious insults about your ability to fight, several unsavoury things about your mothers and generally trying to rile you up.

You then see Brother Azoth and Brother Ithalin un-sling their combat weapons from their sheaths and come charging towards You, Tenth Claw and the five remaining members of Eighth Claw in a lumbering charge which your bolter rounds have little to not affect in slowing them down. You know that once Azoth gets close enough that his two-handed maul will reek havoc in such close quarters leaving little to no room to down and Brother Ithalin's twin chain-axes are almost as deadly, it would be wise to pull back now before the two lumbering giants of Second Claw get within weapon range and reduce you and the others to 'corpses' and even though your supposed to be using Dark Angel doctrine your instincts as a Night Lord are screaming at you to simple leave your brothers to deal with Second Claw and go and join the other half of Eighth Claw.

Zsavo (Farseer Ulthris): Seventh claw move beneath you panning left and right with their heavy bolters keeping an eye on the shadows around them save for the ceiling above them where you and nine of your battle brothers hung, weapons bared and waiting. All of your ranged weaponry such as bolt pistols and bolter guns were sheathed as the noise they created in confined space would alert their allies to what was going on, so all of your fellow battle brothers have their melee weapons drawn with Brother Sylath squeezing his hands into fists and the four blades of his lightning claws on each hand silently snapping out of their sheaths before he nods to you awaiting your command as Seventh Claw got within ten paces of the bulk head which would lead them to the fight between Third and Fourth Claw, all you need do is give the command and your battle brothers will follow you into the ambush.

Dropping from the ceiling you are followed by the rest of your squad who for once make no noise as they descend through the air as it is only at the last moment that Seventh Claw look up to see you and try to raise their heavy bolters before the hallway is filled with the deafening dull 'clang' of ceramite on ceramite as you and your battle brothers slam into Seventh Claw knocking them all sprawling thanks to the momentum of your fall with blades instantly going for throats and Malek who is monitoring all of the goings on shutting off the entire of Seventh Claws armour to simulate their deaths as chain-blades and combat knives are returned to their sheaths as you now need to decide where it is that your going to hide the bodies of Seventh Claw away from the sight of the rest of the company so they will not be alerted to the ambush that is about to take place.

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