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Default House Vymar

Hello everyone,

I have been working on this project for a while now, taking pictures every step of the way. However it is only today that I have finally been able to get the pictures of my goddamn ancient digital camera with it's 128mb card... technology blows.

This particular project is a companion project to something that I haven't started yet, but will soon. House Vymar is an Imperial Knight House but with two differences from most Knightly Houses. Firstly they have strong ties to the Mechanicus, but do not directly serve it, rather they are friends with a certain Forge World and have fought by that world's Skitarii cohorts quite often. Secondly, it's warriors are entirely female with the men serving in the consort role that women normally serve in typical Knightly Houses. For this reason, and their homeworld's environment, they are called the Mistqueens;

(Because I have made great progress with the Knight in the time it's taken me to get these pictures downloaded, I will explain what stage each one is at and what work went into it)

This picture depicts the Knight with it's metallic skeleton painted along with the shield inserts on the weapons. Only basecoats have gone into this. You'll notice right away that the Knight is brass, this is because I decided to use Screaming Bell rather than Ironbreaker to make the Knight stand out. Daemonette Hide is my choice for the purple and it will remain one of the primary colours of the Knight.

A coat of Brass Scorpion over the base is the final stage of painting the skeleton, at least with normal paints. It has yet to be washed in this image, it has been in real life, but I could tell at this stage that the metal was too bright for functional metal, the rule of thumb I have when a figure has decorative metal on it is that it must be the opposite of any functional metal (plates, wires, underthings, etc) so that it can be clearly differentiated.

A close-up of the Knight's face. For the eyes I have since used Celestra Grey followed by at least four to five washes of Guilliman Blue glaze, which has resulted in very very deep blue eyes that look very striking. I also decided at this stage that the casing for the guns should be in Daemonette Hide as well to break up the brass on the guns, it is patchy in this image but at the moment it is full and highlighted with Genestealer Purple.

One of two poses I am considering. Either this, or the gatling cannon stuck out to fire while the battle cannon is raised as if the knight is reloading it in the same way you see a shotgun being reloaded sometimes.

Both of these images are flash-forwards to the end result. I painted the armor panels separately, and always do when attachable armor panels are involved, and chose Daemonette Hide and Mephiston Red as the colours along with Runelord Brass as the decorative metal colour. The armor follows a quarter pattern, the helmet showing it best, with the former two colours which have since had a line wash along the recesses and have been made crisper with repeated thin coats.

My next step will be to improve the wash definition in the lines between the armor plates with another coat of Nuln Oil, a task that will require scalpel precision to avoid smudging the edge highlights, and to neaten the Mechanicus skull iconography. And I need to edge highlight the battle cannon with Runefang Steel.

More updates will come soon, with more pictures.


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