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So first, could it work as a movie or tv show? Yes, certainly.

The nearest comparison is the Halo universe. 40K's setting is deeper, wider, and weirder but is still essentially a story about humans in space. So think about the parallels enhanced humans fighting evil aliens and unknowable menaces. Halo has books, video games, table top games, a cartoon series, a tv miniseries (nightfall), and movie (Forward Unto Dawn.) Halo is basically an extrapolation of genesis, so is warhammer.

Ultimately, the devil would be in the details. Let's say GW partners with HBO after game of thrones finished. It would need a plot and interesting or relatable characters. As it has been mentioned, the really tough part would be explaining the depth of the background and working with all the inconsistencies. For example, there is futuristic space travel but spaceships look like cathedrals and the weapons are strangely primitive. Electronics and communications technology seem to lag far behind what we are using today. Advanced technology doesn't jive with massive ignorance and lack of information. The fact that information we would consider fodder for Google is secret, etc. seems inconsistent and damages suspension of disbelief.

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