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Literally could not think of anything for this month's theme, so I wrote up an original fiction with a random story, but with characters that may be familiar to some. There's still a good amount of time left, people, let's see some stories !

Alpha Wolves
Word Count: 975

Blackened clouds swarmed on the horizon, thrown across the sky by a great gale that flocks of crows scattered upon. The burning red eye in the sky, a star transitioning into its later stages, soon vanished behind a great deluge unleashed by the storm. Thunder bristled from above, the skies blossomed with lightning bolts that threatened to strike down the tallest skyscrapers. The free city of Tess was the most advanced nation in the world. By several decades, if the statistics could be believed. Yet there was no technology for staying nature’s fickle wrath.

Jesairis Sil leaned against the railing upon a road that overlooked the city. He carefully observed the glassine skyscrapers that towered into the sky, glittering domes, and countless garden parks that fused with the urban sprawl created by the suburbs. All of these structures were layered upon complex terraces, a grand maze that stretched on for miles. There was no conquering it, but only survival the trials it offered.

The heavy downpour soaked through his jacket, matted the medium length ebony hair on his head so that it clung to his chestnut skin. Rain water dripped into his hazel eyes, but he was used to the burning sensation. He scrubbed his chin in thought, feeling the hairs on his five o’clock shadow prick his skin.

It was nearly time.

“Sil.” Kanaye’s voice was razor sharp and edged with menace. Though Jesairis knew he aimed that menace at just about anyone. The Irothan was pallid of skin, had a loose, but kempt short hair that came down to his ears. He was dressed in his usual fatigues and had a bullet proof vest strapped around his torso. He looked as if he was enjoying the weather. “They’re coming.” He suddenly bellowed out to the shadows. “Get into position!”

The road that was chosen for the ambush was a narrow one, which twisted and writhed almost as if it were a living thing. Of the hundreds that could have been here, only seven brave men and women had bothered to show. Yet Kanaye had deemed them his finest and that they could take on much larger odds even with a smaller, but coordinated force. Three of them quickly gathered in the alleyways with Jesairis and Kanaye. The others were positioned on top of fire escapes or in the windows of abandoned buildings.

The rain came down even fiercer. Jesairis could barely see ten feet in front of him, but then again, he did not need to.

Kanaye whispered through a misty breath. “Here they come. Are the payloads ready?”

Dai, one of Kanaye’s most trusted, nodded quickly as she said, “As ready as they’re going to get.”

The sound of engines roaring came into earshot as did bright beams of light cut through the inky darkness. Heavy wheels splashed through the partially flooded streets as three APC transports sped toward them. Jesairis immediately noticed the soldiers manning the thirty—five caliber turrets mounted atop each vehicle. The turrets tracked back and forth, but in this weather, the odds that they would unravel the ambush was minimal.

Kanaye gestured toward the lead transport. He whispered sharply. “Hand me the charge!”

Dai handed him an explosive pack, half—coated in a sticky residue. The moment Kanaye received it, he primed the charge and slapped it against the hull of the first APC as it sped by. Jesairis gripped his fifty—caliber pistol more tightly now. Adrenaline hammered in his veins and he could not halt the sensation.

Then the explosion was triggered. The earth beneath Jesairis’ boots quaked. The sound of tortured and rent steel pierced his ears. There were two resounding gunshots, followed by the sounds of bodies crashing.

Kanaye stepped into the street. “Let’s move!”

The first APC was completely wrecked, its hull scrunched into the flank of a three story house that had half collapsed inward from the collision. Not a soul stirred from the wreckage. The other transports, however, quickly threw their doors open and disgorged…

Kanaye swiveled his crosshairs from left to right. “What the hell is this?”

Dai answered as she quickly swept through the transports. “Nothing here.”

Jesairis pointed toward the crunched wreckage half buried beneath a house. “Check the first one.”

Dai, Hansuke, and Jiro quickly sifted through the smoldering wreckage. Eventually, one of them called Jesairis and Kanaye over.

“I’ve got something!” Jiro declared from inside the vehicle. “You guys might want to see this.”

“Well, well.” Jesairis sniffed and grimaced at the stench of burnt flesh. He climbed inside the transport and joined Jiro toward the front of the vehicle. The soldier was occupied with lifting a crumpled metal sheet that had something pinned beneath it. That something was leaking a ton of blood. “You don’t really think it’s her, do you, Kanaye? Kei has managed to avoid us for a year now. Surely, she must be smarter than this?”

“I told you, Sil.” Kanaye sighed, relieved. “Once I pick up a trail, I can always track it down. There’s no chance that this isn’t her.”

“Oh yeah,” Jiro said as he finally ripped up the metal slab. “That’s definitely the Empress’ sister.”

Jesairis visibly soured. The corpse had been shredded beneath its heavily woven silk clothes. The body even had Kei’s hairstyle: one half pulled back into a bun, while the other half fell straight down her face. A face which had been scorched into ruin. An ill fate for the Empress’ sibling to meet, even if they had been rivals.

“Clean this up.” Was all Jesairis said before he vanished back into the rain.

Out of earshot, Jiro smirked at Kanaye. “Another mark crossed off the list.”

Kanaye agreed. “We’ll celebrate tonight! Because tomorrow, the whole damned nation is going know that the wolves’ are on the hunt.”

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