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I'm not sure to be honest - I don't think it would work as a movie, but as a TV series? I'm sure it would. It would require a big budget though, to capture the feeling and grandness of it all. I'm talking Game of Thrones big and they don't even show the big fights, due to constraints.

If done right you could tell much of the lore through the episodes there and then top it off with a movie in the end or the like. They would not be able to do the Horus Heresy due to the grandness of it, but I believe they could make some story archs and stand-alone filler episodes in the 41st millenium, leaving the Horus Heresy as a tale of old times.

Will it happen? Most likely not as it's too big of a gamle.
Could it be fun to watch the 41st millenium on the big screen? Hell yes.
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