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Let's agree to not agree on the general battle capability of Tomb Kings then.
I find that with the right list they can smash face, and they also bring unusual shooting, but heh, can't compare apples to pears and not two armies are alike.
Lore of Nehekara IS of course weaker than Death / Vampires / Slaanesh, but that's why I pointed out it'd prefer it to be a support lore.
But nevermind.

Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Because Dwarves pull this bullshit all the time:
I was in severe pain watching this video. Then I had a good laugh.
Not because of 12'' Stubborn bubbles, but because these two don't even manage to adhere to the basic rules of movement, lol.

But seriously, not much in that chaos list capable of breaking a stubborn block.
Then again, apart from army-wide stubborn, that was one hilariously weak dwarf list.

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