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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
... Dwarves - f*****g boring book ...
Didn't find it boring at all, and actually an improvement over its predecessor.
But of course the viewpoint whether something is boring or not is highly subjective.

You only ever see a couple of Runes, because a couple are obviously good.
So what ?
You only ever see a handful of magic items from the BRB either, don't you ?
At least in tournament lists or those that claim to be.
And Dwarves got a LOT more potential magic items than all other races with 8th ed. army books.

12" bubble of Stubborn does not a fun game make.
I can have a fun game anyway.
Yeah, a 12'' stubborn bubble is a tough nut, depending on your own list, but honestly, there's 'worse' things in 8th.
But like I mentioned in my first post, most of these things are ENTIRELY match-up dependant.

Tomb Kings - make them functional. At the moment they're a fragile, slow army with weak shooting, weak melee and a crap mandatory Lore with very few redeeming units.
Tomb kings are functional.
Sure, not one of the most powerful books around, but who cares.
- Fragile ? Granted. But so are other T3 W1 models.
- Weak shooting ? Whut ? Tomb Kings have exceptional shooting capabilities. Of course the point is kinda moot when you try to compare a 6 pt. Skeleton Archer to a 15 or 16 pt. Glade Guard. Or a 90 pt. Skull Catapult to a 210 pt. Hellcannon. Yes, TK are not a shooting army, but shooting is not essential to a working 8th ed. list either. Heck, my latest Wood Elf list includes exactly zero bows.
- Weak melee ? Yup, TK won't see a victory without some finesse and the right combinations. Obviously, there's armies that are easier to play. But in my book, things get boring when everything just plays equal.
- The Lore of Nehekara is pretty versatile actually. The only thing which I'd change is the highest level requirement for the Hierophant. Nehekara would be ace if it could be run on a level 2, whilst your level 3 / 4 liche high priest would run Death or something else.
On a sidenote, TK won the 2015 US Masters.

Vampires - it's mostly pretty fine, but some things in there need some improvements to make them viable compared to alternatives - Bat Swarms and Coven Thrones spring to mind.
Bat Swarms are actually useful in the right lists, but you'd have to build around them, which many people don't like.
Coven Thrones .... yeah, could be improved in one aspect ... they needed to be cheaper.

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