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I'm on my phone so I can't address individual points, but:

Dwarves - fucking boring book with horrendous internal balance. You only ever see a couple of Runes, because a couple are obviously good. 12" bubble of Stubborn does not a fun game make.

Tomb Kings - make them functional. At the moment they're a fragile, slow army with weak shooting, weak melee and a crap mandatory Lore with very few redeeming units.

Vampires - it's mostly pretty fine, but some things in there need some improvements to make them viable compared to alternatives - Bat Swarms and Coven Thrones spring to mind.

I agree with a lot of what Vaz said (particularly condensing Wizard Levels down) but not Allies. Allies are a silly addition to the game that lets you cover the weaknesses of your faction comically easily by just porting the good units across from another book rather than playing around a legit weakness. It's bad for 40k, it's be bad for Fantasy.
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